Transforming Festival Experiences with Real-Time Data Analytics: The Howler Case Study

Real-time data should drive critical decision-making at large-scale events.
People at a music festival
People at a music festival

Making Events Easier with Data

As event technology continues to evolve, one company has emerged as the clear leader in providing turnkey solutions for large-scale open-air festivals in Europe and South Africa.

Howler's innovative approach allows their clients to effectively manage all aspects of their event while simultaneously providing attendees with a seamless and enjoyable experience.

What sets Howler apart from the other players in the market is its ability to monitor and track all event data points in real time. This ability allows the event team to immediately address any issues and ensure that the event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Solving the Problem

At Howler, they take real-time reporting seriously. The sales strategy is built around the power of user-friendly event data analysis and using this to take the event experience to the next level. The platform is designed to provide quick access to live data, allowing customers and event management teams to make informed, data-driven decisions on the fly.

We started working with Howler in 2018 when they approached us to help them optimise and modernise their systems and ensure they remain the heartbeat of the experience economy.

We worked with Howler to create a platform enabling their clients to access, analyse and act upon real-time data analytics efficiently.

Our solution also included a custom-built analytics solution that provides powerful real-time visualisations of the event's performance. This allows their clients to monitor progress, identify improvement opportunities, and gain insights into attendee behaviour - wherever they are on their mobile devices.

The Results are Impressive

Howler's real-time data analytics platform has become invaluable for events across Europe and South Africa.

The platform has helped its customers to ensure seamless event experiences by quickly identifying and addressing any issues that may arise. This, in turn, has led to a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

By working with us at Horizon Data, Howler has unlocked the power of real-time, client-facing analytics and created a platform that empowers clients to make quick decisions on the fly and ensures that every moment matters.

We believe in the power of data-driven decision-making and are committed to helping our clients unlock this potential. Our partnership with Howler has allowed us to demonstrate our capabilities in this space, and we are proud of the results and achievements.

The Key Take-Aways

  • Horizon Data partnered with Howler in 2018 to help them optimise and modernise their systems and create a custom-built analytics solution for visualising event performance.
  • Since then, Howler has emerged as the leader of the pack in providing solutions for large-scale open-air festivals in Europe and South Africa due to its ability to monitor and track every data point of an event in real-time.
  • Horizon Data's partnership has enabled Howler to unlock the power of real-time data analytics, resulting in improved customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Horizon Data is dedicated to helping clients unlock the potential of their data by utilising our expertise, demonstrated by our successful work with Howler.

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